Tap Into Your Terrific in Tuscany!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

~ C.S. Lewis

September 4 to September 14, 2017

October 3 to October 13, 2017

Experience breathtaking beauty, culture and personal development…

This Experience is for you if…

  • You are a Baby Boomer woman who wants to enjoy life to the fullest and travel with a group of fun loving women.
  • You enjoy the finer things in life – quality wine, delicious food, great company, natural beauty & magical experiences.
  • You have a dream inside of you that’s been set aside for years because you have drifted along with the needs of your life.
  • You simply need to recharge your body, mind and soul.
  • You would love an infusion of inspiration in your life.
  • You love combining learning and travel.
  • Tuscany is on your “Dream List.”
  • Or maybe it is simply time to have some fun!

Life isn’t meant to be just talked about. It’s meant to be lived.

Experiencing other countries and cultures is even more memorable when it’s shared in a group.
This trip is not only fulfilling but also inspiring and unforgettable.
Imagine all the wonderful memories you will make!
You will be Rejuvenated and Refreshed to move forward into the radiant future which awaits you.

Tell Me More …

Imagine enjoying 10 days where you can have fun, eat incredible food, get pampered, learn in depth about another culture and travel with like-minded women.

There is a lot of travel for women out there…

But The Women’s Inner Circle Exclusive Experiences is something special!

Every Trip is meticulously planned for “experiences“, after doing extensive research, so that you will be able to delight in the magnificent scenery, traditions, culture, and the food indigenous to the area.

Experiential travel is transformational ~ we don’t want to just travel to places, we want to experience them!

Each trip is designed to be as luxurious, and adventurous as possible (within parameters), with a strategic infusion of personal development that relates to the theme of the trip. We try to plan for up close and personal, in-depth, authentic experiences that also allow for spur of the moment activities that may arise.

Our Goal is to have each Exclusive Experience be the trip of a lifetime for YOU!


I am ready to explore and enjoy all that Tuscany has to offer!

Retreat Details

11 days of total immersion in the magnificence of Tuscany. Unwind from the daily grind of the 21st century, and embark on this rejuvenating adventure. Rediscover your Terrific under the Tuscan sun.

Memorable Day Trips

Private Tours of:
~ Florence
~ Siena
~ San Gimignano
~ Cinque Terre
~ Assisi
~ Umbria
~ Perugia

Incredible Experiences

~ Wine tasting with sommelier at local winery
~ Introduction to the Italian Language
~ Italian cooking lesson at villa
~ Olive Oil pressing
~ Behind the scenes Market Tour
~ Italian Spa Day
~ Cheese and Wine pairing – learn how to choose the wine according to the food you are eating
~ Biking, Hiking

Traveling with a private guide is the ultimate way to travel!


Day 1  Arrival in Florence and transfer to Le Boscarecce Country Inn

You will begin to unwind and start enjoying  the beautiful surroundings of the Tuscan countryside.

Day 2  Half day Private Market Tour in Florence

We will begin our culinary adventure at the vibrant market of Sant’Ambrogio, which is hands-down Florence’s most authentic local food market.  We’ll tour the markets, get a behind the scenes view, private tastings, and enjoy some wine and the ever favorite gelato.

Day 3  Private Tour of Siena and San Gimignano

Today enjoy a wonderful private excursion to visit some of the loveliest Tuscan towns. We will sight see, shop and you can enjoy a lunch of mouth-watering Tuscan food.

Day 4  Private Wine Tour and Tasting; Italian Language Class; Hiking or Biking in Tuscany

We will begin the day with wine tasting at the Emanuela Tamburini Farm, which includes a tasting of the Brunello wine with a light lunch. You will be able to taste 6 or 7 different wines and spend time with the family members, which makes this an extremely warm hearted and memorable experience.  Later on we will learn about the Italian Language, and if desired you can go hiking or biking in the beautiful countryside.

Day 5  Private Tour of Cinque Terre

Today experience the charm and beauty of the five villages of Cinque Terre ~ each village is unique in it’s own special way.  We will do some sightseeing as well as have free time for lunch and shopping.

Day 6  Time to unwind, relax and unplug at the Terme di Rapolano Spa

You can spend the day lounging around the spa or indulge yourself with some of the special treatments the spa offers.

Day 7  Private Tour of Florence

Today is a wonderful  private tour of Florence where we will  visit Florence Accademia to see Michelangelo’s ‘David’, the Uffizi Gallery for works by    da Vinci, Raphael & Boticelli, explore Florence Duomo with its stunning dome ~ all with privileged access ~ and enjoy a guided walking tour of the city. Of course, we will make some private time for shopping and some delicious food sampling.

Day 8  Private Cooking Class; Afternoon Activity

Today we get to experience first hand some of the secrets of incredible Italian Cooking.  The afternoon can be for relaxing, or for some biking or walking throughout the beautiful Tuscan scenery.

Day 9  Private Tour of Assisi, Umbria, Perugia

Today is an exciting full-day tour in the green Umbria area where we will visit two of its most fascinating cities – Perugia and Assisi.  If you love chocolate, as I do, you will enjoy seeing  the Perugina chocolate factory.  Once in Assis, we will enjoy exploring the tiny streets of this town and looking at the many shops showing local handcrafts and religious items.  During the drive there and back, you will get the chance to see some of the green Umbrian countryside and the many hill towns for which Umbria is famous.

Day 10 Private Olive Oil tasting; Cheese tasting; Wine and Food pairing

We will get to see how olive oil is made and enjoy a very special sampling. In addition, you will be treated to an exclusive lesson from our resident sommelier on how to choose  wine according to the food you are eating.

Day 11 Enjoy some private Tuscan Time and Departure

We will spend a short time together, and then take our leave with wonderful memories, new friends and magnificent photos in tact to remind us of this truly special time we had together.

You can view a more detailed Itinerary here.


What’s Included

  • Transportation to and from Florence Airport
  • All Overnight Accommodations – How great not to be unpacking and re-packing – like a cruise but even better!
  • Daily breakfast and dinner, including wine with dinner
  • Lunches during market tour, cooking class and wine tasting tours
  • All Cultural Experiences and Private Tours listed
  • Entrance to Spa, beach robe, beach towel and slippers


What’s not Included

  • Airfare
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Lunches not listed in the itinerary
  • Other alcoholic drinks
  • Additional spa treatments
  • Any additional tours
  • Inner-city bus, metro, train or boat transportation outside of those specifically listed in the trip package

I am ready to get away from it all and travel to Tuscany!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will be on the trip?
The maximum number of retreat participants is 10.

Are single rooms available?
Yes, single rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be an additional fee (please see single supplement).

Should I get travel insurance?
I recommend that you obtain travel insurance for canceled flights, transportation delays, lost baggage and emergency medical situations. As we get a little closer to our trip, I will send you some information and recommendations.

How do I pay?

Once accepted, you will be directed to a page to remit payment. You can pay by check or credit card.

When is the balance of the fee due?

The balance of your payment is due 90 days (February 18) before the beginning of our trip.

What services are available at the spa, and what do they cost?

Learn more about the spa and what is available to delight you for the day.

Can I extend my stay?
Absolutely! I’m happy to help you make the very most of your trip to Italy. If you’d like to spend a few days in Rome, or other Italian cities, before your departure, my team and I can offer suggestions for hotels, tours and transportation. We can also help you with your booking if desired.

How will I know what to pack and bring with me – or what to leave at home?
I will be in close contact with you throughout the months leading up to the trip and will keep you posted about packing and other details.

What are the accommodations like?

Le Boscarecce Country Inn is a 200 year old farmhouse which has been completely restored in 1996. It has been called “a jewel in the countryside,” and is situated on a splendid panoramic hill; the sun setting over the Apennines is something to put in your memory book.

The farm has been restructured respecting the typical Tuscan style, transformed into a charming Country Inn on the Valdelsa Hills near Castelfiorentino where you will find the Museum BEGO with the frescoes of Benozzo Gozzoli. The hotel consists of 14 rooms, each named after famous literary or historical female figures furnished with antic furniture and ceramics full of color.

I Would love a way to be in touch with other participants before the tour. Is this possible?

Absolutely! Stay tuned for more information. I will also be arranging a special get together either in person, for those that live close, or over the internet.  A surprise is in store.

Where is the Pricing and Cancellation Policy?

Learn about the pricing and cancellation policy.

About Holli, Your Hostess

Holli Rovenger had lived in the lap of luxury for 20 plus years, only to wake up one day and find out that her (then) husband had lost all their money. The only way to describe her experiences over the last several years, is to say that she was left in a boat in the middle of the ocean without any paddles and needed to learn how to get back to shore.

Her self-confidence and ability to deal with life situations is what helped her learn how to “Dance in the Rain,” survive and thrive with a smile always on her face.

Learn more…

“I have been on many wonderful getaways…this one has climbed to the top as my favorite. A shining STAR.”

“A wonderful travel idea! To be immersed in a culture is so rewarding on many different levels.  I just returned from Tuscany Italy, 11 days to experience the slowed down pace of life, the exquisite food, home cooking, the street markets, tastes and smells…. to name a few.  This was a slow and healing adventure like none other I have had.  Instead of running around killing myself sight seeing (and not remembering much) this was truly a “taste” of the culture and way of life. A slower paced vacation with time to enjoy all that the region had to offer.    I could not have dreamed of such beauty,  a feast for all of the senses.   Thank you Holli Rovenger for putting together an experience of a lifetime!  Where to next?  I can’t wait.”


Lisa Belding

Jersey Girl and World Traveler

“At the end of the day, I took a little time contemplating and savoring the events of this most amazing holiday. What a great experience. Tuscany! The hotel and meals were warm and inviting but, by far, the people add richness like a mosaic pattern of colorful yarn. Through new friends and experiences I felt happy. But certainly I can’t leave out the beautiful landscapes, quaint villages, historical sites, shopping, wine, food and meals. This gave text to the patterns. The combination provided me with the most unforgettable experience and an awareness of self. Because sometimes being alone doesn’t mean being alone. And that’s important to remember. Holli may have organized this great trip but I don’t think she realized the mental wellness and restorative qualities it gave me. One of the best trips ever!!!”

“Home now but dreaming of our fantastic holiday in the Tuscan hills at La Boscarecce. A perfect blend of beauty and comfort. I am so pleased that Holli worked so hard to find the perfect place …..the most magical holiday anywhere.”

Lee Pencek

World Traveler

“It’s been a wonderful trip that I’d like to extend, even while I’m looking forward to being home in a few days.  Thank you for the positive, trusting atmosphere you’ve created among virtual strangers and please plan more trips in the future!”

Lorraine Rendleman

Designer and Traveler

Are you a nice person? Do you ever do nice things for other people? Bring them a gift? Say something uplifting? Of course you do! BUT, what do you do to be nice to YOU?

As a mom, I struggle with finding time to do even the most basic tasks for me, let alone being “nice”! Fortunately, another nice person, Holli Rovenger, “The Enthroned Empress”, has come to my rescue! Holli has taken the time to craft an amazing and uplifting series of “Blissful Suggestions” that help me to see that caring for me does not have to be all or nothing!

How life altering it is to be reminded that true bliss can come from a smile, a walk in the park or a quick nap! While Holli also recommends more indulgent pursuits such as a massage or seeing a show, it is the joy-invoking activities such as dancing in your own house or connecting with an old friend that were a wake-up call for me! I don’t need a lot of time or money to be blissfully happy.

Holli will touch your heart and lovingly support you to be more loving to yourself!

Nancy Burke Barr

Attorney and Entrepreneur